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Ratchet and Clank for the PS4 is the newest game in the series.


Useful Glitches

Ship Animation Skip (SAS)

Movement Tech

Wrench Cancelling

Wrench Cancelling is noticeably faster than normally walking, and is the preferred form of movement before obtaining the Helipack. They are done by quickly pressing Square.png, then Cross.png, cancelling the wrench swing with a jump timed just right. The shorter the Cross.png press the lower the jump, meaning you can do another Wrench Cancel earlier. You can also have your Wrench Cancels lock on to boxes or enemies, giving Ratchet a bigger lunge, which is faster.

Wrench Cancel High-Jumping

Wrench Cancel High-Jumps are a more efficient way of doing a high-jump. It allows you to do a high-jump without holding the left stick neutral, which allows you to start a high-jump more efficiently. To do this, you press Square.png to swing your wrench, then quickly after, press R1. This not only lets you high-jump while running, but also keeps a bit of your momentum during the start of the jump, allowing you to go a bit farther.


While in the air, if you hit Square.png, you will do an attack called a Hyperstrike, which makes Ratchet slam his wrench on the ground. Holding Cross.png will give Ratchet some more upwards momentum when doing the Hyperstrike, allowing him to more easily make difficult jumps. You should almost always hold Cross.png when doing a Hyperstrike.

Damage Boosting

When Ratchet hits lava, is stuck falling in the same spot for a while, or lands on the very top of an object that would normally slide him off, he gets sent upwards, which is a mechanic designed to push you back in bounds. Holding Cross.png gives around double the height when doing a Damage Boost. Damage Boosts are frequently used to get out of bounds.

Punch Cancelling

Punch Cancels are like wrench cancels, but for Clank. The timing is a bit different - you have to wait longer before pressing Cross.png to cancel the punch.

Clank Clipping

Clank Clips are done by getting a springbot or bridgebot.

Springbot: walk to a corner and get the right angle, then either throw the springbot with Square.png and wait for it to clip Clank, or press Square.png, quickly followed by a hyperstrike (Cross.png, then Square.png), and, if timed right, will clip Clank through the wall.

Bridgebot: walk to a corner and get the right angle, then press Square.png to throw the bridgebot, then wait for its idle animation to push Clank through.

General Information

Weapons Required For Each Category


Version History